Why a Design + Build Model  


a Conventional Contractor



The advantage of having a Design + Builder on the job and in direct conversation with you streamlines the project, saving you money while improving the over all look, feel and cohesiveness of the finished project.

Questions involving aesthetic possibilities vs. construction realities are solved on site and in the moment. In my experience as soon as the project begins to take shape, when the client can start to see the space, they often (almost always and with my encouragement) want to make minor or even major changes.

"We would like to knock out that wall to let more light in--

Is that structurally possible and how much will that cost?" 

I will answer both of these questions on the spot while also offering experienced guidance as to how we can we fine tune and improve your idea.  It’s my job to talk to you about intimate details such as the directional swing of a door while also being  aware of how these small changes relate to the project as a whole.

I specialize in personal and intentional building. I use my technical and  communication skills as well as my design experience every hour of every work day to get results that I can believe in.  In my expereince these things AND a good collaboration with my clients have produced solid, useful and sometimes stunning spaces that have, in the end, been a joy to create.












                            THE SOLUTION