Eamon came in and remodled our Kitchen.  He opened it up in a way that we had not thought of.  We love to tell our friends that we don't feel like we have a new kitchen--we feel like we have a new house!  

Tom and Lori



I enjoyed collaborating with Eamon on the design and the transformation of our home over the years.  Eamon has not only changed our house--he has changed the way we live in it.  10 years ago Eamon came in and re-invsioned our  outdated but "good bones" craftsman diningroom/diningroom.  A few years later he came back to give us the indoor/outdoor expereince that we always wanted--- connecting our house with the back yard by adding french doors and a beautiful multi-level deck that he designed.  A few years after that we were ready for the attic conversion.  Up there he did a kind of contemporary craftsman hybrid---and I must tell you--we LOVE it.   Next up, when we get the funds, we will have him back for the kitchen.  

The best thing about working with Eamon is that he has  been open to our ideas as well as being generous with his own.  He is a solid builder, but what we really like is how he communicates with us about every step of the process.  He makes us a part of the evolution.

 He seems to like what he's doing.



I have been a long time friend of Eamon’s and have always appreciated his approach to remodeling and design. I was delighted when the opportunity arose that we could work together on a project for a rental  house of ours.  One of the reasons why this project was unique, is that we did the entire project over email and phone calls, since I am currently living in France. So even with a 10 hour time difference, there was nary a hitch and I think we both had fun. I think the fact that we could work on a construction project long distance, speaks volumes as to the type of work and trust you receive when you work with Eamon. I basically outlined what we needed/wanted and between the two of us, he implemented everything ideally, while also maneuvering around a tenant’s time schedule and needs. He also hired the subs and I didn’t have to worry about coordinating with them. Then, as in any remodel, there were the inevitable surprises but they all were resolved in an expedient fashion. Eamon would outline the problem, offer a solution and then we would discuss it and move forward. That is one of the inherent values of having a designer/builder, when a situation arises they not only tell you of the problem, they offer a solution and most likely will know the approximate cost.  I have had much experience in construction with various builders and subs and designers/architects and Eamon easily rises to the top of the heap for his clarity, humor, communication and above all his design skills.    ---´╗┐Sally

Eamon was creative, excited, enthusiastic, and willing to throw ideas around without being attached too early to how the project would shape up.  We met a lot of times and talked things through, sometimes with sketches and measurements, sometimes just about how I wanted it to look or feel.  He really understood the intangibles: how the porch and the staircase should be in keeping with the rest of the house and the mood I wanted to create.  We took a lot of time between different parts of the project, which was great. I get nervous when things happen so fast that I don't have time to reconsider.  Eamon would propose an idea and let me consider it for a while before we pulled together a solution that worked for me and also worked technically.  His work was always high quality and I could trust that if I came up with an idea that wouldn't work, Eamon would just say no and explain why.  If I wanted something that was complex and time consuming he was willing to talk about the time and cost and whether it was worth it.   We didn't always agree on each detail but he deferred to me as the owner.  He was quick to propose nice touches that could be added  --  we even made a quick design change just before he poured the front steps.   


The whole project has turned out to be even more beautiful than I imagined it would be.  I think every person in the neighborhood has stopped by at some point to say how impressed they are.  ---Audy